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You, of course, will do better than these cheerful chappies. You will home in on the new superduperstars before the ink on their contracts is dry. Your defence will keep out more strikers than Arthur Scargill, and your attack will score more than Don Juan, Lothario, and Little Billy Kershaw combined. You will be unstoppable - the behemoth; the Kraken; the Juggernaut. And on that day my friend, Satan will be skating to work.

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And with a mighty leap, Proper Job live up to their name and zoom from 10th into 6th.  A full 41 points does the trick, and they come largely from a 25 point defence, with Pickford, Mina, Tomori, and Zouma all remaining as clean as Jon Moss's whistle.  Seven from the evergreen David Silva and a Vardy fiver rack up the total as McTominay is the only non-contributing player.  Christy's beloved Spuds - she has four of them - are injured or out of favour with Poch.  Surely there's not a crisis at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?  Are we about to see the Return of Venables? 

Silver medal is snatched by Elliot's Verti Kong Strong, who snaffle 30 points from three clean sheets and a bunch of midpoints from Chelsea and Man City, though no goals unless you count Jimenez's penalty.  Harry Kane, £Multimillion super star, has dropped out of the top 20, but Strong Kong have sneaked past the Guerillas into 3rd.

Third banana is shared four ways, so it's really a banana split (yep, I said it).  Chicago, Krul, Batshit and Steel Balls all claim 28 points, but it's not enough for any of them to improve their position.   


Weekly Report.doc Weekly Report.pdf


Next week is the First Round of the John Charles Cup, and we need to eliminate 5 of our 13 teams to set up the quarter finals.  Ten of us, therefore, will  be involved in these matches, and I shall now do the draw to see who gets whom and who are the lucky gits.  Balls in the bag, and here we go:-

1. Monsieur Mallah's Guerillas  v  Batsh-uyai Crazy

2. Balls of Steel  v  SweetHome Chicago

3.  No Way Pedro  v  MoLO Express

4. Verti Kong Strong  v  Trinity Rangers

5. Krul & the Gang  v  A Flibble Too VAR

So the lucky dogs are Kebaberdeen, Proper Job and Hamlet Academicals.  Matches played over next weekend, and don't forget Southampton v Leicester kicks off at 20:00 on Friday evening, for some godforsaken reason.


Hoddle3 BoSelecta1
A sad follow up to last week's magnificant bag, as I can only claim one victim this time.  It's Trinity Rangers who get the ticket, their second, as Frank leaves out clean defenders Baldock and Smith, goalscorer Wood and Leicester's Ndidi.  By judiciously using them to replace Sergeant Wilson, Winks, Boly and King Josh, he could have reaped an extra 14 and staved off Christy. 


Marcos Alonso starts to celebrate his rocket powered goal against the Toon, and his 9 point Player of the Week total, by belting out the Spanish National Anthem, until he remembers it doesn't have any words.  Still, it's a nice tune.


A close call for last season's two top dogs, as both Flibble and the Guerillas plummet to totals that just about make double figures.  They are saved, however, by MOLO Express, whose feeble 11 pointer draws unto themselves the swift and merciless Chopper.


Collina At Leicester, a potential 2nd goal for Burnley was chalked off after the VAR decided that Chris Wood's accidental ankle tap on Jonny Evans was a foul (Evans would never have reached the ball anyway, but this is not relevant to the foul/no foul judgement.)  At Man Utd, Lindelof kicked Origi's leg from behind, nowhere near the ball, but Son of Ron didn't see it, much as Jon Moss didn't see the Wood/Evans incident.  MU collected the ball, raced down the pitch and scored.  After extensive VAR action, the goal was allowed to stand; that is, Lindelof was not penalised for doing exactly the same thing as Wood, who was.  The only significant difference between the two events was that Lindelof's action was deliberate, where Wood's was not.  At Wolves, Raul Jimenez used his upper arm to control the movement of the ball before burying it past Angus Gunn, and was not too surprised to have it ruled out by  the VAR for handball.  At Spurs, Dele Alli used exactly the same tactic to control the ball before netting against Watford, but the VAR allowed the goal to stand, once he'd worked out which button to press.  In the same match, Vertonghen clearly and obviously slid into Deulofeu from behind, hooked his legs and sent him flying.  The VAR reviewed this as well, but declined to award a penalty.  John Brooks - mark that name - was the VAR, and if he'd been alive in 1986 he would have waved play on after Maradona's Hand of God.  This whole business with VARs is now, as Lewis would say, completely beyond the pale.  You'd think that having the officials able to see what happened, with slow motion and multiple angles, would improve their decision making.  But in a typically English fashion, they've decided to assert their authority by denying the referee sight of the video recordings (the FA have instructed refs not to use the expensive pitch-side monitors) and leaving the decision making to barely qualified yes-men (Brooks has never refereed a Premier League game, and is not a Select Group 1 referee) who are well aware that their own decisions may shortly be reviewed by the same guys they are themselves reviewing.  The game deserves better than this.


squirrelMuch outrage in Her Majesty's Press over the racist chanting by Bulgarian 'fans' and much credit to the England players for their reactions.  The credit was fully deserved - I doubt anyone would have blamed the players if they'd decided to walk off - but I can't help feeling the outrage is a bit artificial.  In December last year, English 'fans' at Chelsea were recorded hurling racist abuse and acting aggressively and threateningly toward Raheem Sterling.  The Crown Prosecution Service decided no charges should be brought, though Chelsea's own investigation ended with a life ban for one arsehole and shorter bans for five others.  A week later, Mr Averof Panteli, a Spurs supporter, threw a banana skin onto the pitch after Aubameyang scored against his team.  Although arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence, he was not charged with that, just with throwing a missile.  He pleaded guilty and was given a four year football banning order and fined £500.  An Arsenal fan, who admitted throwing an empty plastic bottle at Spurs players during the same match, was fined £650.  It'll be interesting to see what, if any, charges are laid against the two Somerset men allegedly responsible for the racist abuse incident that saw Haringey Borough and Yeovil walk off the pitch on Saturday.

Follow this link for the Cartwright Championship results.


Week 9, and last season's top dogs may be dropping off in the scoring stakes, but at least Lewis and Yusef are improving their prediction stats.  Lew gets the £2mill for 13 points, only Wolves v Southampton escaping his steely analysis, while Yusef picks up the £1mill for a dozen.





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