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You, of course, will do better than these cheerful chappies. You will home in on the new superduperstars before the ink on their contracts is dry. Your defence will keep out more strikers than Arthur Scargill, and your attack will score more than Don Juan, Lothario, and Little Billy Kershaw combined. You will be unstoppable - the behemoth; the Kraken; the Juggernaut. And on that day my friend, Satan will be skating to work.

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Balls of Steel demonstrate their competitive credentials this week with a quite superb 41 pointer.  They have the Hero Abraham, of course, but they also field two strong Spuds, Aurier 9, and Lamelea 8, plus two clean Manks, De Gea and Lindelof.  Rounding things off is the almost inevitable Salah's goal, which is enough to wipe out the deficit from picking two Everton defenders.  They climb into third spot, above my boys, the swine.

Next best are Lorraine and Peter's No Way Pedro, who clock up an impressive 36 pointer.  They also have Abraham, Lindelof and Lamela, and some useful bits and pieces from Kovacic, Bernardo Silva and Jesus. As Lorraine is Richard "Balls of Steel's" sister, you might surmise that their footy nous is perhaps genetic.  And if you check out our third banana,  you might find some further evidence.

Completing a Cartwright clean sweep of the week's honours is Frank, the wellspring of Soccer Smarts, the fount of Cartwright Cunning and Charisma.  He steers his Trinity Rangers to a solid 30 pointer that sweeps up the crumbs left by his kids.  No Abraham for him, but a brace from Spud Son and another from Sergeant Wilson, supported by Josh King and Harry Winks.  Well done, buddy.


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Hoddle3 BoSelecta1
That's more like it, although both this week's victims only just qualify with 11 points wasted.  Verti Kong should have picked Christensen and Private Fraser instead of Wolfie Vallejo (last sub, but he made it off the bench) and Jimenez.  Christy could have bagged the extra 11 just by picking Serge Aurier instead of Everton's Mina.  See, even Christy doen't always trust a Spud.


Even with the drag factor of an unlucky oggie, Tammy (Kevin) Abraham 's hat trick makes him this week's top Shih Tzu.  He is extremely talented, and I suspect the emails are already raining into Gareth Southgate's inbox.  Also, Chelsea fans will be asking "When we were struggling for goals last season, with a flabby mixture of Giroud and Higuain, where was this bloke??" And the answer is "on loan at Villa, scoring 26 in 40 matches." Only slight criticism is that he does resemble, just a bit, one of those Air Dancers you see outside garages.  Never mind, lad, a good haircut will soon fix that.


Collina Two more gratuitous errors this week that defeated VAR and altered the results of matches.  Manchester United, surprise surprise, were the benficiaries of  Son of Ron's poor eyesight, as he failed to see Andreas Pereira handle the ball before Rashford rushed towards it and earned a penalty.  I though hand contact by attacking players, regardless of intent, that preceded a goal was supposed to negate said goal, but apparently handling the ball immediately before a defender's foul that earns a penalty is a different category, and not handball at all.  At Sheffield, Lee Mason and his Linos not only missed a clear and obvious handball by James Ward-Prowse, but refused to watch the video of the incident, presumably because it would have slowed the game down.  Or possibly because none of them believed they could possibly have made a mistake.  It's hard to tell the difference.  Whatever, Leicester and Sheff Utd were swindled out of a point, and MU and Soton each have 2 points they didn't deserve.

Elsewhere, Paul Tierney allowed Everton's Calvert-Lewin to balance on Steve Cook's shoulders for ages before heading his goal, and also allowed Everton's wall to stand no more than 7 yards from a Bournemouth free kick, despite having paced out the distance and being in possession of a can of Gillette Super-Shave.

Divers this week include WHammer Noble, collapsing with no discernible contact in the Villa box, and Villa's El Mohamady, who got Masuaku sent off by the eagle eyed Mike Dean, who saw a foul that even the most advanced high-tech cameras couldn't.


squirrel  More efforts to get nominated as Incompetent Ass of the Season, this time from defenders Otamendi - robbed on the edge of his own area by Buendia who teed up Pukki - and Sokratis - who just gave the ball directly to Deulofeu to tee up Cleverley.  Boys, there's a reason neither of you is a wizardy midfielder with laser-like passing and 360 degree vision, so don't play as if you were, it'll only lead to ridicule and possibly an extended familiarisation period with the subs bench.

Yusef has named his team Monsieur Mallah's Guerillas, who are, I believe, both guerillas and gorillas from the DC universe. Clever stuff.  Christy couldn't think of a name so I have combined her affection for Cornwall and beer in the name of an excellent Cornish IPA from the St Austell brewery, Proper Job.  The bottled stuff is great, but if you see it on draught, get stuck in.


Week 3 sees Kebaberdeen as the only remaining 100%ers, as they crush Flibble 27 - 9.  Verti Kong Strong take second spot by defeating MoLOExpress 27 - 16, and SweetHome and Proper Job are joined on 6 points by Batsh-uyai Crazy, SweetHome going down 20 - 23 to the Guerillas, Proper Job 9 - 30 to Trinity Rangers, and the Batshit boys winning 26 - 17 over Hamlet.  Balls of Steel grab their first win by trampling on Krul and the Gang, 41 - 21.

Follow this link for the Cartwright Championship results.


Wel, Christy made double figures and takes the £2mill, but nobody else managed it.  Elliot gets the second prize for a 9 pointer, but we were all bamboozled by Sheff Utd v Soton, and only Christy called the Swansea v Forest game. 


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