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You, of course, will do better than these cheerful chappies. You will home in on the new superduperstars before the ink on their contracts is dry. Your defence will keep out more strikers than Arthur Scargill, and your attack will score more than Don Juan, Lothario, and Little Billy Kershaw combined. You will be unstoppable - the behemoth; the Kraken; the Juggernaut. And on that day my friend, Satan will be skating to work.

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I made an auspicious start to the season, swindling Tom out of 4 points and Christy out of £2million.  With these errors corrected, I'm hoping things are a little better this week, but it's always worth checking that I've given you what you deserve.

Even without the 4 points owed from last week, Tom is this week's top dog, gold medallist and cake snaffler.  A 32 point bag was mostly earned by hat-trick Pukki, whose first effort will possibly end up as goal of the season.  He looks like a genuine bargain for £4mill. Ceballos and De Bruyne each chipped in 4, but there were no significant defensive contributions, as Everton and Sheffield United were the only clean sheeters.  Kebaberdeen move up to 2nd.

Holding on to top spot are Yusef's as-yet-unnamed team of (probably) monkey bastards.  He also has Pukki and Ceballos, plus the man we can no longer call "bog-brush," Raheem Sterling, who restricted himself to a single goal this week.

Bronze medal and cake crumbs are split in a low scoring tie between Krul and the Gang, and Hamlet Academicals.  Mike's Shakespearians also boast the Fearsome Finnish Finisher, Pukki, though their next best efforts come from Maitland-Niles, Flappyhandski and Monreal, who each bagged 2.  Gary's Krul and the Gang, a cultural reference that may give you some idea of how ancient Gary is, have goals from Mane, Ings and Mount, and would have been a clear third if Wolfie Coady hadn't decided to boot Pogba round Molineux.


Weekly Report.doc Weekly Report.pdf


It seems I was a little hasty in pinging Tom's Kebaberdeen last week, as the spreadsheet had been updated erroneously and they didn't, in fact, qualify for the Bo'Selecta club.  Well, we don't have VAR in the office, so there's no retrospective adjustments and grovelling apologies and Kebaberdeen will stay on the list.  Tom's a big boy, he'll learn to live with it.  This week I have just the one victim, as Richard and William's Balls of Steel leave no fewer than three goalscorers on the bench.  Ndidi, Ings and Hernandez all sat and watched as their replacements Lingard, Abraham and Jesus stunk the place up and bagged no sausage, for a loss of 12.


Teemu Pukki takes the honours with a 13 pointer that included a superb hat-trick.  As a man who likes a pie, he was delighted to be joining Delia's club, and also to be playing in England instead of Scotland.  We're not sure exactly what he's celebrating here, but it may well be pie related.


CollinaMore hassle at Man City, as  Michael 'More Please' Oliver and his Ragamuffins fail to spot Lamela bundling over Rodrigo in the area and award nothing, and neither did VAR.  City's displeasure was exacerbated in the dying seconds as an apparent goal by Jesus was ruled out by VAR for handball by Laporte. As IFAB  (International Football Association Board) have decided that any handball, deliberate or not, in the build up to a goal, will rule that goal out, the Jesus decision was correct.  But we now have two classes of handball. An attacking player handling the ball, even accidentally, will be penalised, but a defending player can escape any censure by VAR.  Witness the blocking of Watford's free kick against Brighton by Glenn Murray, who was leaping in the air with his arms crossed in front of his body when he deflected the ball away. A more 'unnatural' position for his arms would be hard to imagine, but the VAR decision was no penalty.  So, the ball accidentally brushing Laporte's arm IS handball, but Murray's deliberate leap into the path of a free kick is not.  It's something of a miracle, isn't it, that the lawmakers have taken a system designed to let everyone know what has happened, and twisted it, stomped it, melted and reformed it, so that it is even more blatantly unfair than the system it is replacing. 


Watched the SuperCup between Liverpool and Chelsea on Wednesday.  Both teams had a go and it was quite a good game, until Tammy Abraham performed a comical dive in the area, and the Ref awarded a penalty.  OK, so there was VAR to correct clear errors, except, in this case, VAR didn't.  The VARef decided that the featherlight brushing of a glove against Abraham's knee - and even that was not clear - was enough to bring the strapping young man crashing to the turf.  Now, a more cynical man would think that the decision was taken to uphold the Referee's decision, at least in part, because, for the first time, the officiating team were all women.  I do not subscribe to this view, I just think the VARef was a complete idiot and incapable of refereeing a game of tiddlywinks.  Justice was served, however, during the penalty shoot out.  Everyone had scored when the aforementioned Abraham stepped up to take Chelsea's last effort.  The result was a weedy scuff of a shot, straight at the keeper.  Even though he was diving out of the way, Scouse keeper Adrian saved the shot with his foot and Liverpool celebrated.  The fact that both his feet were off the goal line when the kick was struck was not mentioned by anyone, much to my surprise, as I had thought VAR was supposed to check this as a matter of routine.  Apparently not.  "You've got to feel sorry for the young man" carolled Glenn, over pictures of Abraham trying desperately not to cry.  "No, you haven't," I shouted back at him, "He's a cheating fuckwit."

I was rather surprised to see an interview with Daniel Farke, the Norwich boss, not by what he said but by his voice. Let's be honest, the bloke looks like a Bond villain who eats babies for breakfast, so it was a bit of a shock when he opened his mouth, and out came a German tinted Joe Lycett.


 The new Premium players were snapped up as follows.  Moise Keane, Everton Striker, went to Yusef for £11m:  Lo Celso, Spuds, Midfield went to Christy for £23m: Cancelo, Man City Def, went to Tom for £22mill: and Pulisic, Chelsea mid; went to Gary for  £25.6m.  Despite bidding for three of these guys, I ended up with nobody, so feel free to have a good old larf at my expense.


Well, I buggered this up last week.  For some reason when I checked the scores, Christy's and Gary's predictions did not appear.  Gary didn't matter, his predictions were nearly as bad as mine, but Christy had the winning score.  So I've given her the £2mill she should have had.  Corrected score table is below.  This week was a different matter,  Yusef running away with the cash for an excellent 16 points.  Runner-up was Adam, who nicked the £1mill from Gary by 1 minute.


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