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Week 02

More hassle at Man City, as  Michael 'More Please' Oliver and his Ragamuffins fail to spot Lamela bundling over Rodrigo in the area and award nothing, and neither did VAR.  City's displeasure was exacerbated in the dying seconds as an apparent goal by Jesus was ruled out by VAR for handball by Laporte. As IFAB  (International Football Association Board) have decided that any handball, deliberate or not, in the build up to a goal, will rule that goal out, the Jesus decision was correct.  But we now have two classes of handball. An attacking player handling the ball, even accidentally, will be penalised, but a defending player can escape any censure by VAR.  Witness the blocking of Watford's free kick against Brighton by Glenn Murray, who was leaping in the air with his arms crossed in front of his body when he deflected the ball away. A more 'unnatural' position for his arms would be hard to imagine, but the VAR decision was no penalty.  So, the ball accidentally brushing Laporte's arm IS handball, but Murray's deliberate leap into the path of a free kick is not.  It's something of a miracle, isn't it, that the lawmakers have taken a system designed to let everyone know what has happened, and twisted it, stomped it, melted and reformed it, so that it is even more blatantly unfair than the system it is replacing.


Man Utd can be proud of their new teenage sensation, Daniel James.  He's quick, talented, fearless, and a cheating diver.  "I haven't seen it," said Ole Gunnar, but that didn't stop him 'explaining' James's action as -"he was trying to avoid being kicked."  A mind reader, clearly.

Ryan Fraser  :/:  Miguel Almiron  :/:  Daniel James  :/:

Week 01

I suspected that the introduction of VAR would lead to fewer laughable errors, and so far that seems to be true.  Several events were VARred and official decisions were upheld or overturned as appropriate.  Can't argue too much with that - well, I can't, you may feel differently.  It didn't help Mike Dean spot Gundogan bundling over Haller to win the ball for City's 5th goal, even though he was looking right at it.  Fortunately the result wasn't affected, even if the score was. 


Some guys just can't wait to get cheating, they've probably been practising all summer.  Step forward Ryan 'Private' Fraser of Bournemouth, and Miguel Almiron of Newcastle.  The VAR is watching boys, you're gonna need to do better than that, ya cheating f'kwits.

Ryan Fraser  :/:  Miguel Almiron  :/:

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