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Week 02

Astonishingly, I am again unable to find much to complain about.  Various handball decisions appeared controversial initially, but closer inspection, and reading the current version of the handball law, showed the officials to be right on all of them.  It's the law that's an ass, not VAR.  I will complain about Andre Marriner taking no action against Raheem Sterling for a blatant dive very early in the Monday evening game.  He spotted that it wasn't a penalty, but then allowed Sterling to jog on unmolested by a yellow card, although it was such a shitty little attempt at cheating that he should have had one jammed up his wazoo at high speed.


I knew it wouldn't be long, and just three minutes into his season, Bogbrush Sterling starts cheating.  He's undoubtedly a fantastic talent, but he's also a fantastic git.  Tooner Almiron and Hammer Bowen are also pinged for exaggerated thespianics in service of cheating their opponents.

Raheem Sterling  :/:  Miguel Almiron  :/:  Jarrod Bowen

Week 01

After the frantic build up, I was looking forward to laying into the Men in Black (or green, or even pink) but I am frustrated. I saw nothing to raise the hackles or even fuel a mild indignation, other than Andy Carroll once again escaping scot-free for a vicious flying elbow into the head of WHammer Soucek.  The fact that I have Soucek in my team plays no part in this.  Exercising strict concussion protocols is excellent and essential, but it's much better to prevent the concussion in the first place.  Andy Carroll has been attempting to concuss his opponents with the point of his elbow for years, and it's about time the FA and the PL stopped listening to all the bullshit about "he has to lift his arms to get height" and "I'm sure he didn't smash his elbow into that guy's head deliberately."  Of course it's deliberate.  He does it as intimidation, and he knows damn well where his elbow is going - I mean, he's done it enough times so if he doesn't know he must be even thicker than he looks.  Get him out of the game, he's a dangerous thug.  


Nobody yet, but I'm a patient man.

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